Apr 192014


We will be closed tomorrow so today is your last chance to Create Your Own Easter Basket! Shop our Easter Basket Buffet!  Pick out a basket, bucket or even a Stuffie!  Then move down the line selecting Easter chicks, pinwheels, pocket-sized games, bouncy balls, bubbles and more!


Use a bucket as an Easter basket!


Or a stuffie!


And don’t forget to pick up some chicks!

Happy Easter!

-Child’s Play

Apr 172014

Stuffies, Ages 3+  $34.99

Stuffies know it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  With 7 secret pockets you’ll be able to fit all kinds of treasures inside!  After Easter it will be perfect for slumber parties, road trips and other fun adventures!  Available in a variety of animals.


Girl Talk Locker, Ages 4+ $19.99

Have a sophisticated grade-schooler?  How about a grown-up locker to house their Easter treats?  Includes a lock and key, magnets for personalization, and a mirror and jewelry hooks inside!  Totally awesome!


Tie Dye Bucket $7.99

Buckets are great multi-purpose Easter baskets!  These stylin’ tie-dye designs are new to us this year, and we’re sure you’ll love the bright colors and patterns.  Groovy!

What does you Easter basket look like?

Have a bright and chipper day!

-Child’s Play

P.S.  We’re having an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday at 10am!



Apr 162014

Kids in the Wild Garden by Elizabeth McCorquodale

Fun informative book on how to make a wildlife garden.  Includes jokes, fun facts and lots of photos!  Has lots of easy to understand projects that help demonstrate the science of the wildlife garden.  Read tips on composting, nature collecting and studying, and taking photos and sound recordings.  Make butterfly and bee houses, bird feeders, a small pond and more!  Learn how to be an amateur naturalist and see how plants and wildlife depend on each other!

Thanks for the review Chrissy!

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Have a happy day!

-Child’s Play

Apr 152014


Illustration by Liz Cleaves


Need a Humpback Whale Squishable wearing fly eyes? Yes. The answer to that question is always yes.


Easter Chicks, starting at $4.99

Easter Basket

Chicks and Bunnies and Dinos! Oh my!


Buckets and Stuffies make great Easter baskets!

Have a sweetly sublime day!

-Child’s Play

Apr 142014


Find some eggs in our store, then head over to WeVillage for a photo op with the Easter Bunny!  He’ll be at WeVillage’s Pearl location from 12-3 on Saturday.  It will be a fun-filled event with a special Easter egg gift, a cute activity and of course plenty of photo opportunities.  Be sure to remember your camera!  It is a free event.  For more info, visit www.wevillage.com

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And, don’t miss our Easter Basket Buffet!  Lots of great gift ideas in all sizes.  Even crazy Easter Ducks!


Easter Duck by Melissa & Doug $19.99

Hippity Hoppity!

-Child’s Play

Apr 112014

Giant Crane, Ages 5+ $69.99

4 feet of awesome crane-ness!  Moves back and forth, lifts items up and down, and turns 350 degrees!  Remote controlled.  Use the lifting pallet or grabbing claw!


Fun with Harmonica, Ages 8+ $19.99

We’ve heard that the harmonica is one of the easiest instruments to learn, and with this book you’ll be making tunes in no time flat.  This kit includes a C Harmonica, 64 page lesson and song book, CD of harmonica songs, cleaning cloth and case.  Learn some tunes just in time for campfire sing-a-longs!


Balderdash, Ages 12+ $29.99

Have you played this game?  It’s a hoot!  Pick a card and read the word aloud, everyone writes down a definition, the dealer reads all the definitions (including the real one) aloud, then try to guess the real definition.  There are some crazy words out there!  Fun for the whole family.

Have an AWESOME weekend!

-Child’s Play

Apr 102014

Amber Teething Necklaces  $19.99

Have a teething baby? Having trouble soothing that poor baby?  Amber Teething Necklaces are the new, favorite solution.  When worn against the skin, the skins warmth releases the healing oils from the amber, providing anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, perfect to soothe a teething baby.

Baby Rattles from Kid O, Ages 6 mos+  $9.99-$12.99

New for spring!  Bright colors, soft clacks and engaging twisting, sliding and bending – everything baby needs to be engaged.

Logan the Lion Crib Soother by Lamaze, Birth+  $29.99

Hang this friendly face in baby’s crib to help lull them to sleep.  The colorful mane attracts baby’s attention, while the spinning motion, gentle light, music and nature sounds soothe baby to sleep.

Have a springy day!

-Child’s Play

Apr 092014

The Tortoise & The Hare by Jerry Pinkney

Easter is almost here and what better book to read than the Aesop/ Uncle Remus classic, The Tortoise & the Hare?  This new book written & wonderfully illustrated by Caldecott Medalist, Jerry Pinkney, shows off a lively and raucous bunch of animals having a race!  Front and center are the FAST hare and SLOOOW tortoise, who together teach the moral, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

Pinkney shares in his artist’s note that, “slow and steady” was meaningful to him because the author struggled with dyslexia in his youth.  Not only that, he believes this motto is truer than ever today, “ As the pace of our lives continues to speed up, many yearn for a less hurried approach to life.  The tortoise proves that it can be wise to have a goal, but one should relish the process of getting there.”


Illustration by Jerry Pinkney

Thanks for the review Chrissy!

Have a slow and steady day!

-Child’s Play

Apr 082014


And, don’t forget to pick up your Easter baskets!  Hit up our Easter Basket Buffet or pick something already set to go.  May we suggest a Secret Letter Box Set by EcoSnoopers.  Add a few chicks and you’re ready to go!


Secret Letter Box Set by Ecosnoopers, Ages 5+ $17.99

Have a hippity hoppity day!

-Child’s Play