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Apr 242014

On Poem in Your Pocket Day, people throughout the United States select a poem, carry it with them, and share it with others throughout the day.  You can also share your poem selection on Twitter by using the hashtag #pocketpoem.

If you’re in need of a poem, we suggest perusing these books:

Anything by Shel SIlverstein.  Right now we have Falling Up, Everything On It, and A Light in the Attic in stock.  In recent years, these books have definitely moved into classic status.  Have fun soaking up these poems and illustrations year after year.  Great fun to read as a kid, great fun to read as an adult.


Everyone Out Here Knows: A Big Foot Tale by William Stafford, illus. by Angelina Marino-Heidel

Oregon Reads selection for 2014!  This thoughtful, brightly illustrated, William Stafford poem invites you for a walk through Bigfoot country; the fields, swamps and mountains of Oregon.  The words spark the imagination and capture the feeling and mystery of Bigfoot. Stafford was named Poet Laureate of Oregon in 1974, was a prolific writer and a literature professor at Lewis & Clark college.  The illustrations were created by Mariano-Heidel, whose work paint, mixed media and mural work can be seen in public & private spaces all over Oregon & beyond.  As an added bonus the flyleaves are decorated with Pacific NW native plants and includes a list of flora & fauna to find!

What’s your favorite poem?

-Child’s Play

Apr 232014

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt, illus by Oliver Jeffers

Duncan wants to color, but when he opens his box of crayons all he finds is a stack of letters…from his crayons!  The crayons are tired of coloring the same old things.  The red is tired of coloring ALL the apples and fire engines and Santas every year.  Black hates doing all the  outlines and being second place to ALL to the other colors.  Blue likes being favorite but hates his workload!  Geesh!  All those oceans and rivers and clear skies.  He’s so short and stubby he can’t even see out of the box!  His crayons are FED up!  So they quit.  That gives Duncan an idea…  This is a playful, imaginative story for ages 4-6!
 Thanks for the review Chrissy!
Have a colorful day!
-Child’s Play
P.S.  The NW Library is hosting a Mini Maker Faire for ages 3-5.  Head to the library on Thursday, May 1st from 3:30pm – 5pm to partake in all the activities!  Child’s Play will be there building and sailing Sponge Boats!  Here’s all the details:
It’s spring and time to create at the mini makerspace for 3-5 year olds!  Come to the library and … create a paper bag puppet show, make some delicious cookies, decorate a flowerpot and plant some seeds, and more!  With help from our friends at Child’s Play Toys and St. Honore Boulangerie, young children will make at least two items to take home and enjoy!

You can make a sponge boat like this!

Apr 222014

Fairy Triad, Ages 8+ $24.99

Plant your own fairy garden indoors or out.  Includes lots of accessories:  fairy, fairy bells, magical pinwheel, rainbow gravel and more!  Plus, plants (of course!):  thyme, clover, evening star and great blue lobelia.


Butterfly Garden, ages 4+ $22.99

This is the perfect time of year to hatch some butterflies!  Send in for your 5 baby caterpillars, then watch them grow and transform into beautiful butterflies.  Something every child should experience!  The caterpillars are available year-round, however the spring is the best time for releasing the butterflies into the wild.

Grow n’ Glow Terrarium, ages 6+  $14.99

Make your own terrarium!  Everything you need is included:  plastic terrarium jar, potting mix, organic wheatgrass seeds, organic chia seeds, river stones, decorative sand, resin figures, glow in the dark stickers and a plant mister!  Score!

How is your garden growing?

-Child’s Play

Apr 212014



Spirograph, Ages 8+  $29.99  also available in travel size, $14.99

Spirograph is back! Use the classic wheels and rings to create millions of amazing designs! Includes wheels, pens, paper, design guide and more!  Classic or travel size available.


Wooden Crossbow (w/ 3 suction-tipped arrows), Ages 8+ $24.99

Ready, aim… This wooden crossbow is awesome!  Great quality, easy to load, and it works really well!  Great for girls or boys. Comes with 3 suction-tipped arrows. Made in the USA.  These were a huge hit at Christmas!

Matroyshka Dolls, 6 piece plastic set, Ages 3+  $14.99

These fun Matroyshka dolls are back!  Sort, display and play make-believe with these fun Russian style dolls.  Available in Cutie Doll, Ninja or Robot.

Stop by to see all the other new toys we have!

-Child’s Play

Apr 192014


We will be closed tomorrow so today is your last chance to Create Your Own Easter Basket! Shop our Easter Basket Buffet!  Pick out a basket, bucket or even a Stuffie!  Then move down the line selecting Easter chicks, pinwheels, pocket-sized games, bouncy balls, bubbles and more!


Use a bucket as an Easter basket!


Or a stuffie!


And don’t forget to pick up some chicks!

Happy Easter!

-Child’s Play

Apr 172014

Stuffies, Ages 3+  $34.99

Stuffies know it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  With 7 secret pockets you’ll be able to fit all kinds of treasures inside!  After Easter it will be perfect for slumber parties, road trips and other fun adventures!  Available in a variety of animals.


Girl Talk Locker, Ages 4+ $19.99

Have a sophisticated grade-schooler?  How about a grown-up locker to house their Easter treats?  Includes a lock and key, magnets for personalization, and a mirror and jewelry hooks inside!  Totally awesome!


Tie Dye Bucket $7.99

Buckets are great multi-purpose Easter baskets!  These stylin’ tie-dye designs are new to us this year, and we’re sure you’ll love the bright colors and patterns.  Groovy!

What does you Easter basket look like?

Have a bright and chipper day!

-Child’s Play

P.S.  We’re having an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday at 10am!



Apr 162014

Kids in the Wild Garden by Elizabeth McCorquodale

Fun informative book on how to make a wildlife garden.  Includes jokes, fun facts and lots of photos!  Has lots of easy to understand projects that help demonstrate the science of the wildlife garden.  Read tips on composting, nature collecting and studying, and taking photos and sound recordings.  Make butterfly and bee houses, bird feeders, a small pond and more!  Learn how to be an amateur naturalist and see how plants and wildlife depend on each other!

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Have a happy day!

-Child’s Play

Apr 152014


Illustration by Liz Cleaves


Need a Humpback Whale Squishable wearing fly eyes? Yes. The answer to that question is always yes.


Easter Chicks, starting at $4.99

Easter Basket

Chicks and Bunnies and Dinos! Oh my!


Buckets and Stuffies make great Easter baskets!

Have a sweetly sublime day!

-Child’s Play