Feb 162012


Hey there!

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We’ve been pinning new favorite toys, craft projects, activity ideas and anything else kid, toy and fun related.  Here’s a few of the craft projects we’ve seen.  Click the links provided for tutorials.  Then check out Pinterest for more!


Make Your Own Jellyfish in a Bottle

Make Your Own Jellyfish in a Bottle from Bhoomplay’s Blog


Make a Bird Feeder out of a Slinky!

Make a Bird Feeder out of a Slinky from Apartment Therapy

Or pick up a craft kit from us.  Check out these new Eye Can Art kits.  Available in Layered Wax Drawing, Sumi-e Ink Painting, Amate Cut Paper and Collage Print Making, these kits include everything needed to make one of a kind art.  We’re excited to get these in some little hands.  They’re not quite like anything else we carry, and are sure to create one-of-a-kind art!


Eye Can Art Kits, $21.99 and up

Have a day full of creativity and possibility!

-Child’s Play

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